Who Calls Me From 6466642253 – Is it safe to answer?

If you’ve received a call from the number 6466642253, you may be wondering who it is and whether it’s safe to answer. This blog post will explore the details around this phone number based on online research and user reports.

What is 6466642253?

6466642253 is a phone number associated with emergency response and alert systems, particularly for the City University of New York (CUNY). Multiple sources identify this number as being used by CUNY to send out alerts and notifications to students, faculty, and staff.

Some key points about 6466642253:

  • It is listed as an “Emergency Response Info” number on caller identification services like YouMail.
  • The area code 646 is for New York City geographic numbers.
  • CUNY’s website lists campus HR contacts, but not this specific number.
  • User reports indicate it is used for the CUNY alert system to issue updates and advisories.

Is It Safe to Answer Calls from 6466642253?

Based on the available information, calls from 6466642253 appear to be legitimate and safe to answer for anyone associated with CUNY. This number is used for important alerts related to emergencies, closures, safety advisories and other official updates from the university.

However, it’s always wise to exercise some caution with any unsolicited call, even ones that seem legitimate. If you answer and the caller asks for personal or financial information, that should raise red flags.

CUNY Emergency Alert System

The City University of New York has a multi-modal emergency alert system to notify students and employees about critical incidents, threats, closures and other important announcements. In addition to the 6466642253 phone number, CUNY uses text messaging, email, social media and other channels to rapidly disseminate emergency communications.

Is 6466642253 a Scam Call?

While some services list 6466642253 as a potential robocall or spam risk, the overwhelming evidence indicates this number is used for legitimate purposes by CUNY’s alert system. As long as the caller properly identifies themselves as calling from CUNY, it does not appear to be a scam or fraudulent caller.


What if I miss a call from 6466642253?

If you miss a call from this number, you can check CUNY’s website, emails, text messages or social media accounts for any emergency notifications you may have missed. The university will look to spread critical info across multiple channels.

Will 6466642253 ever ask for personal information?

No, when CUNY uses this number for alert purposes, they should never ask you to provide personal or financial information like your Social Security number, bank account details, or credit card numbers. If a caller does request this, it is likely a scam and you should hang up.

Do I need to be a CUNY student or employee to receive calls from 6466642253?

While the primary recipients will be those affiliated with CUNY, it’s possible this number could be used for regional emergency alerts that could potentially go out to the larger New York City community as well during crisis situations. However, most calls will be CUNY-specific notices.

By exploring details around the 6466642253 number, analyzing user reports, and optimizing this content for search, this blog post provides a comprehensive resource for anyone receiving calls from this line associated with the CUNY emergency alert system.

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